Zutek Certified Service provides service, support, and calibration carried out by trained experts who have extensive training, experience and certification as defined and prescribed by our international partners, referred to as the Original Equipment Manufacturer, the “OEM”.

Zutek Services is strictly approved and certified to provide sales, service, application, and calibration support as per letter of authorization issued unto Zutek Services by the OEM.

All Service Engineers and or Application Engineers are factory trained and certified against prescribed training procedures & policies dictated by the OEM.

All services, maintenance and calibrations as conducted by an appointed Service and or Application Engineer will be strictly in accordance with the authorized instruction and calibration manual together with OEM approved spare parts, consumables, and reference materials.

Any auxiliary equipment utilized to conduct the OEM approved and validated calibration procedures as outlined within the instruction and or calibration manuals and specified in certificates of calibration will be externally calibrated and certified using only SANAS certified calibration laboratory and or service provider traceable to ISO 17025.

All calibration reference data is to be recorded captured real-time in both a hard copy & electronic format for submission and review by Service Coordinator and Technical Manager.

A Zutek Services approved, and signed job card will be issued detailing end-user details, OEM, instrument name and model together with unique serial number manufacturer as outlined below. Job Card together with calibration data will be issued in accordance with Zutek Services CC prescribed procedures and policies before Certificate of Calibration is to be issued.

Upon successful review by Zutek Services Service Coordinator, Zutek Services Technical Manager will approve job card together with calibration data for a certificate of calibration is to be issued.

The Service or Application Engineer may proceed issue a Certificate of Calibration for final review and approval by Zutek Services Technical Manager.

The Certificate of Calibration may now be submitted to end-user, together with respective and traceable calibration certificates for the auxiliary equipment used as specified.

Job Cards, Calibration Data and the Certificate of Calibration is available for minimum period of 12 months from the date of the calibration, after which it may be electronically archived.

New equipment installations are strictly in accordance to reference documented IQ-OQ-PQ

End user training records and user-certification and user recertification

Traceable document management systems and procedures.

Strict adherence to stakeholder policies, procedures and HSSE requirements.